Nikki Edwards Online

My 6 years experience as a Virtual Assistant – now upgraded to offer you Online Business Support.

Assisting you by implementing your Vision whilst being your sounding board, go between and automating your systems for a smoother process.

Working like a soldier to nurture your business and still have a life is not easy. Been there! Having someone else to bounce ideas off and help to think about the processes, implement them, automate them and pull everything together has got to be the way forward right?

I have worked in the corporate world gaining many strings to my bow. Always keen to be learning more and improving my skill set.

I left the corporate world after 11 years and worked for a family run business, quickly establishing my role as PA to one of the Directors. I was taken on as the bookkeeper originally!

The need to organise and make systems flow easier is just in me. I can’t help myself!

Negotiating new contracts, implementing new systems and overseeing everything that needed to be done, just came natural to me. With the added bonus of managing their accounts and producing monthly reports to enable the Directors to keep track of their business, it all just worked.

What happened next?

After 8 years I decided I wanted to help other business with their backend systems too.

So off I went and set up my business as time4U VA. I became a Virtual Assistant. For 6 years I have always been going over and above what a VA does. I quickly realised that I was offering my clients Online Business Support

I have relaunched myself as Nikki Edwards Online offering a much more in-depth service to those needing an OBS (Online Business Support).

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Or if you’d like to book in a 20 minute call with me to see if an OBS is right for your business, I’d love to have a chat with you. My FREE Guide on how an OBS can help your business is available for you to download by clicking the button below 🙂

What is an OBS?

Online Business Support (OBS) supporting you in business every step of the way

Do I need an OBS?

You have been an absolute gem getting your business off the ground. It can be a struggle on your own

What do others say?

Still not sure about working with me? Take a look at what others have to say


~ always there to listen! ~

“Nikki first approached me when she found out I was struggling to keep up with my admin. The amount of time she has saved me is amazing. Nikki is always there to listen to my ideas and help me to see a clearer picture. We recently launched our new website and without having Nikki and her tream to help with adding the products we would never have got it finished on time. I’m over the moon and able to move on with other aspects of my business now, with Nikki’s help of course. I have even recommended her to other business owners looking for help with their systems too.”
Andrew S, Metheringham

~ dramatically changed the way we work ~

Having Nikki onboard has dramatically changed the way we work in terms of logging and utilising in-house systems. The way she works has really pulled everything together and streamlined our way of interacting with all staff. She is very switched on to what we need doing and just gets on with the task in hand. She is very conscientious and knowledgeable in her day to day working. We trust her judgement and are very pleased to have her working with us.
Matthew C, Metheringham

~ works very meticulously ~

Nikki has been part of our team since day 1 and has been handling our admin and bookkeeping side of things. She works very meticulously and has really helped us push forward with doing what we do best. She knows what needs doing and is great at reminding us if we’re forgetting something. She has great knowledge of our industry, employment and contract law and knows when something needs evaluation. We are grateful to have Nikki working with us and hope she remains a part of our team for a long time to come.–
Ryan K, Lincoln

~ methodical & practical ~

Nikki is conscientious , trustworthy and understands the importance of confidentiality with clients, she is methodical and practicable in maintaining accurate records and reporting systems.
Tracey G, Lincoln

~ no hesitation in recommending her ~

Jacdor Community Pre-School in Coningsby would like to thank Nikki for her help and support when she was appointed to run the school’s payroll system. The school’s staff and management committee are extremely grateful for the help, support and professional service given by Nikki during this period, and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs the personal and professional services she provided.
Marilyn, Conningsby

~ professional & efficient ~

Having used time4u Virtual Assistant recently, I have found Nikki to be very professional and efficient in all aspects of my requirements. I would have no hesitation in using her services again as I have already placed a further order with Nikki. To sum up I found total satisfaction in the service I received.
John T, Metheringham